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The mission of the Circus Historical Society is to preserve, promote and share though education, the history and cultural significance of the circus and allied arts, past and present.

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 Clown Line

Circus Historical Society  March-April 2016

Charlie Smith interview, Ringling trainmaster, from 1968 to 1981. Added April 14

Eddie Steeples interview, gypsy bear trainer. Added April 14 (scroll down)

Kelly Miller Circus, traditional one-ring circus, captured at two stops along the 1999 and 2000 tours. Added April 14 (scroll down)

Circo Hermanos Vazquez 2015 edition of the eastern unit of Circo Hermanos Vazquez and interview with Ramon Vazquez. Added April 14 (scroll down)

Dailey Bros. Circus Pete Cristiani provides an insight to grift on Ben Davenport's Dailey Bros. Circus, in 1950.. Added April 14 (scroll down)

Cole & Lockwood, songster and information 1894. Added April 03

Ward Hall interview, Art of the sideshow pitch. Added April 03

Casselman's Show, photos and information ca 1907-1910. Added March

R. C. Carlisle, "Wichita Jack", photo and information 1900. Can you help verify that this R. C. Carlisle was the proprietor of his Wild West and was he with Barnum and Bailey in 1900? Added March

Daisy Leroy, Photo and information of performer Daisy Leroy, John Andrews's wife. Added March

Sig. Sautelle's, colorful postcard with a rebus puzzle on the back. Added March

Sells Bros., colorful postcard featuring Performing Colorado Cattle. Added March


Circus Historical Society  Yankee Robinson's 1869 Circus Rebus Puzzle Solved! click here

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